Camera Reference Design

The Camera Reference Design hardware options include multiple cameras with support for various Opal Kelly FPGA Development Modules:

  • EVB1005
    • XEM3010
    • XEM3050
    • XEM6010
    • XEM6110
    • XEM6310
    • XEM7010
    • XEM7310
  • EVB1006
    • XEM6006
    • XEM7350
    • Other FMC carriers (untested)
  • EVB1007
    • ZEM4310
    • Other HSMC carriers (untested)
    • Brain-1
    • XEM7320
    • XEM8320
    • BRK8350
    • BRK1900
    • Other SYZYGY-compliant carriers (untested)
  • SZG-MIPI-8320
    • XEM8320

The EVB1005/6/7 modules include a Micron MT9P031I12STC 5 Mpx color image sensor and necessary power supply circuitry.  Designed as evaluation boards for Opal Kelly integration modules, the modules provide an excellent platform for getting accustomed to the FrontPanel SDK.

The SZG-CAMERA module, is also compatible with the Opal Kelly Camera Reference Design and includes an ON Semiconductor AR0330CM1C00SHAA0 3.4 Mpx color image sensor.

Documentation and Reference Materials

The following is a comprehensive list of documentation available for this device.

Camera Reference Design User’s ManualThis online documentation space.
FrontPanel SDK User’s ManualThe online documentation space for the FrontPanel SDK.
FrontPanel API ReferenceOnline API reference with detailed usage for every API method.
Pins DownloadsDownload the reference design through Pins.


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