Add IP Cores’ Distribution to Vivado

  1. Obtain the Vivado IP Cores’ Distribution
    1. Go to our downloads page.
    2. Obtain the Zip under FrontPanel Vivado IP Cores’ Distribution.
  2. Specify the default IP repository search path in Vivado
    1. Unzip the distribution to a permanent location.
      Note: Ensure your path is free from any spaces, as this has been identified to create problems in Vivado.
    2. In Vivado, add this location as a default IP repository search path under Tools  > Settings >IP Defaults.
  3. Access Vivado IP Cores in all Subsequently Created Vivado Projects.
    1. Create an IP Core Compatible Vivado Project.
    2. Open the IP Catalog.
    3. Find the IP Cores under User Repository > Opal Kelly Incorporated.