Sample: RAMTester

The RAMTester sample is used to exercise the on-board memory of modules with SSRAM or SDRAM. This sample can perform full-array testing using data generated on the host, stored in memory, retrieved from memory, and compared to the original data.

Usage Information

To try this sample, simply place the executable and the bitfile appropriate to your device in the same directory. By default, the bitfile downloaded to the FPGA must be named “ramtest.bit”

  1. Download the pre-built sample bitfiles corresponding to your FPGA module from our Pins Downloads.
  2. Find RAMTester.exe (and its source code) in the Samples Directory installed with FrontPanel
  3. You need to have the following in a single directory:
    • RAMTester.exe
    • okFrontPanel.dll (.so for Linux, .dylib for macOS)
    • ramtest.bit (from step 1)
  4. At the command line, run: RAMTester.exe

The sample will then proceed to write the full SDRAM with random data, then read the full array and check it against what was written. The memory size depends on which Opal Kelly product you have. RAMTester will also test multiple devices if your product has multiple SDRAM.

A device is only accessible in one application at a time. Ensure the FrontPanel application is closed before running the sample.