okToggleCheck (Wire In)

The okToggleCheck attaches to a Wire In component and behaves much like the okToggleButton except that graphically it appears as a checkbox with the label text on the right.  When unchecked, the corresponding wire is unasserted (logic 0).  When checked, the corresponding wire is asserted (logic 1).

positionPOSITIONPosition of the top left corner.
sizeSIZESize in pixels.  If no size is specified, the component is automatically sized.
labelTEXTLabel text, shown inside the button.
tooltipTEXTTooltip text.
endpointHEX BYTEEndpoint address for the corresponding Wire In.
bitNUMBERBit to which this component addresses (0=LSB, 15=MSB).

XML Example

<object class="okToggleCheck">
	<tooltip>Enable autocount.</tooltip>
</object>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

Lua Scripting

This component behaves identically to okToggleButton from the scripting API point of view and can be used in exactly the same way, e.g.:


function OnToggleCheck(check, event)
	if check:GetValue() then
endCode language: JavaScript (javascript)

All XML components that support Lua scripting also inherit from the Control class. Please refer to the FrontPanel Scripting documentation for more information on this class.

Example Screenshot