Sample: PipeTest

The PipeTest sample is helpful in testing and verifying bulk transfers. The sample allows you to do the following:

  • Perform bandwidth tests at full rate with various block and length settings
  • Perform bandwidth tests using block throttling to restrict data flow
  • Perform pattern tests with optional verification and error injection
  • Perform pipe transfer stress tests

Usage Information

Usage: PipeTest bitfile [serial S] [repeat N] [pattern lfsr|sequential|walking1|walking0|hammer|neighbor|fixed F]
                 [throttlein T] [throttleout T] [check] [inject]
                 [blocksize B] [segmentsize S]
                 [stress] [bench] [read N] [write N]

  serial S       - Optionally specify serial S of device to test.
  bitfile        - Configuration file to download, alternatively specify \"nobit\" to skconfiguration.
  repeat N       - Repeats the requested tests for N seconds (\"inf\" to run forever).
  pattern        - Set pattern to one of the supported patterns.
     lfsr        - [Default] Selects LFSR psuedorandom pattern generator.
     sequential  - Selects Counter pattern generator.
     walking1    - Selects Walking 1's pattern generator. (USB 3.0 only)
     walking0    - Selects Walking 0's pattern generator. (USB 3.0 only)
     hammer      - Selects Hammer pattern generator. (USB 3.0 only)
     neighbor    - Selects Neighbor pattern generator. (USB 3.0 only)
     fixed F     - Selects a fixed pattern defined by hex input F. (USB 3.0 only)
  throttlein     - Specifies a 32-bit hex throttle vector (writes).
  throttleout    - Specifies a 32-bit hex throttle vector (reads).
  check          - Turns on validity checks.
  inject         - Injects an error during data generation.
  blocksize B    - Sets the block size to B (for BTPipes).
  segmentsize S  - Sets the segment size to S.
  stress         - Performs a transfer stress test (validity checks on).
  bench          - Runs a preset benchmark script and prints results.
  read N         - Performs a read of N bytes and optionally checks for validity.
  write N        - Performs a write of N bytes and optionally checks for validity.