Example Designs

In this tutorial, we configure the FrontPanel Subsystem Vivado IP Core to generate the Counters Example Design. Once generated, we build the bitstream and configure the target Opal Kelly board. Finally, we utilize the FrontPanel Desktop Application to control and sense the configured Example Design’s digital design.

The instructions in this tutorial will apply to the other IP Core Example Designs.


  1. Basics
  2. Configuring the IP Core
    1. Open the FrontPanel Subsystem IP Core wizard for configuration.
    2. On the Example Designs page, set Flow to RTL and Example Design to Counters.
    3. Click OK to finalize the configuration.
    4. Click Skip when prompted to Generate Output Products.
  3. Building IP Core’s Example Design
    1. Right click on the IP in the Sources panel.
    2. Select Open IP Example Design.
    3. In the newly generated Vivado project, click Generate Bitstream.
  4. Using FrontPanel Desktop Application
    1. Utilize the FrontPanel Application’s Drag and Drop configuration feature to configure the generated bitstream onto the target Opal Kelly board. 
    2. Locate the Example Design’s generated Counters.xfp “Profile.” In Vivado, this is under the Unknown folder of Design Sources in the Sources panel. The Source File Properties panel will display the location of this file.
    3. Outside of Vivado, navigate to the imports folder where the Counters.xfp “Profile” is located.
    4. Utilize the FrontPanel Application’s Drag and Drop feature to load the Counters.xfp “Profile.”
    5. Follow the instructions at Sample: Counters to utilize the Counters.xfp “Profile.”