FrontPanel Application

The FrontPanel Application is a graphical user interface available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems for configuring and communicating with your FrontPanel-enabled device.

The application provides the following functionality:

  • Device Enumeration – Listing multiple devices available on your system.
  • Device Configuration – Setting device parameters such as Device ID and Device Settings (USB 3.0).
  • Device Sensors – Real-time display of Device Sensors for supported devices.
  • FPGA Configuration – Instant FPGA configuration via drag and drop.
  • Flash and EEPROM Programming – For supported devices, programming the on-board Flash memory or attached peripheral EEPROM.

Additionally, the FrontPanel Application allows you to build basic graphical interfaces to communicate with your device via the Wires, Triggers, and Pipes provided by the FrontPanel SDK. The communication elements are described using a straightforward XML interface.