Intended Development Progression

The IP Core was designed to first be used in a Project Mode for design discovery and exploration. Later in the design process, the IP Core and documentation aids in the transition to a Non-Project Mode TCL scripting workflow. 

The Project Mode allows access to the GUI customization wizard, allowing for rapid modification. It visualizes the Core’s IPI Block Designer features. The simulation core allows for analyzing waveforms with the Vivado Simulator. Finally, various generated output products, available through the Project Mode’s IP Source panel, help aid in the development process. 

The FrontPanel Subsystem Vivado IP Core helps in the eventual transition from Project Mode to Non-Project Mode.  The _tcl_recreate_command.vh generated output product of the IP Core gives a generated TCL command that recreates the IP configuration. It can be used to copy and paste into a Non-Project Mode scripting workflow. Making modifications to the TCL configuration can be done easily by referencing the Configuration Parameters Technical Reference.