Add and Apply Board File Presets

Default preset configurations for the IP Core can be added to the Opal Kelly Board Files. Once a preset has been added, the GUI will present the option to apply this configuration. See the Board File Presets Discussion for more information.

Create a modified version of an existing Opal Kelly Board File

1. Obtain a copy of your Opal Kelly board’s Board File at Xilinx’s Board Store Repository

2. In board.xml, modify the <board> XML tag’s name attribute strictly using the following template:

name="<EXISTING-BOARD-NAME>_<unique_identifer_underscore_separated>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)

For example:

name="XEM8320-AU25P_image_sensor_preset"Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

3. In board.xml, modify the <board> XML tag’s display_name attribute with a unique display name that will appear in the Vivado GUI. For example:

displayname="Modified - XEM8320-AU25P with Image Sensor Preset"Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

4. Add a configuration preset to the skeleton code located in preset.xml. See the Configuration Parameters Technical Reference for more information on the available parameters.

Add modified Opal Kelly Board File to Vivado

5. In Vivado, add the location to your modified Board File under Tools > Settings > Vivado Store > Board Repository.

Apply Board File Preset Configuration to IP Core

6. Create a new Vivado project that utilizes your modified Board File by selecting it under the Boards tab on the Default Part page.

7. Open the IP Core.

8. Press the Apply Board File Preset button.