Samples and Tools

The standard FrontPanel installation includes other samples including samples which illustrate use of the C++ and other programmer’s interfaces.

The software and gateware sources available in the installation directory in the Samples folder where the FrontPanel SDK was installed.

Available Samples

A summary of these samples is listed below:

  • First – A very simple FrontPanel-only project to get started quickly.
  • Counters – Displays two independent counters with controls for each.
  • Controls – This sample is a showcase of the FrontPanel components available.
  • PipeTest – Connects to PipeIn and PipeOut modules on the FPGA to test transfer rates. Block sizes can be set by the user.
  • DES – A command-line sample based on the triple-DES encryption and decryption core. Since it is implemented in C++, C#, Java and Python, it is a good start for those wanting to learn the APIs.
  • RAMTester – Command-line sample to read/write FPGA-attached memory.
  • Flashloader – Command-line sample used to program on-board Flash for FPGA boot configuration.

Support Matrix

If the sample has a corresponding software executable, source code is provided in one or more languages as indicated in the table below. For GUI-based samples, we include the FrontPanel profile (XFP) source to load into the FrontPanel Application.