Getting Started

Application Development Methods

There are two methods for developing a FrontPanel Alloy application:

  • Use a text editor and begin writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Use an open-source JavaScript user interface library or framework.

The tutorials and how-to guides presented use the React JavaScript user interface library combined with TypeScript. Both are recommended because they simplify application development, but their use is not mandatory.


Recommended for its versatility, robustness, and popularity among application developers. It also provides a complete set of documentation and tutorials that carry useful information for new developers.


Recommended because it applies type checking to JavaScript which improves the ability to catch coding errors early in the development process.

Application Development Libraries

Two libraries are available to assist in the development of FrontPanel Alloy applications. These libraries are optional but offer a basic set of elements useful for most applications. They can be installed using the Node Package Manager(NPM).

Core Library

Provides TypeScript definitions for methods of the FrontPanel JavaScript API and some utilities that are useful in some common use case scenarios.

React Component Library

Provides two sets of styled React components that can be used for defining the graphical user interface of an application.

Primitive Components

General set of components intended for use cases where user interaction needs to be handled in a customized way.

FrontPanel Components

Specialized set of components that provide properties for connecting them to FrontPanel Wires and Triggers.