Board File Presets

Board File Presets are useful when a baseline configuration is needed using the available parameters in the Configuration Parameters Technical Reference. We present an example use case for this below.

A company is utilizing an Opal Kelly integration module mated to a custom PCB board housing an image sensor. All digital designs for this system have the following common requirements:

  • Configures from FPGA Flash
  • Access to the DNA port for copy protection, protecting the FPGA bitstream from possible theft.
  • Developed API for interfacing with the image sensor targeting the following endpoints:
    • WireIns at addresses 0x1e and 0x1f
    • WireOut at address 0x3f
    • TriggerIn at address 0x5f
    • TriggerOut at address 0x7f
    • PipeOut at address 0xbf

This example company could create and internally distribute a custom board file following the instructions in the Add and Apply Board File Presets How-To Guide using the following preset configuration in preset.xml:

<ip_preset preset_proc_name="frontpanel_preset">
  <ip vendor="" library="ip" name="frontpanel" ip_interface="host_interface">
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.BITSTREAM.FLASH" value="true" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.DNA.EN" value="true" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.WI.COUNT" value="2" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.WI.ADDR_0" value="0x1e" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.WI.ADDR_1" value="0x1f" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.WO.COUNT" value="1" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.WO.ADDR_0" value="0x3f" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.TI.COUNT" value="1" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.TI.ADDR_0" value="0x5f" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.TO.COUNT" value="1" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.TO.ADDR_0" value="0x7f" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.PI.COUNT" value="1" />
      <user_parameter name="CONFIG.PI.ADDR_0" value="0xbf" />
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