Vivado IP Core

USB3 Boards Only

The FrontPanel Subsystem Vivado IP Core is only available for use with USB3 boards, i.e. XEM73xx or XEM83xx.

The FrontPanel Subsystem Vivado IP Core simplifies the integration of FrontPanel USB 3.0 HDL components from the FrontPanel SDK into your Vivado design. It generates a wrapper module, based on user configuration, using an automated approach to instantiate and interconnect these HDL components. This streamlines the integration process, saving valuable time and effort during development.

The FrontPanel Subsystem Vivado IP Core is available for download separately from our FrontPanel SDK. However, it includes the same FrontPanel USB 3.0 HDL modules provided within the FrontPanel SDK. Information on which version of the FrontPanel SDK HDL modules is included in each version of the FrontPanel Subsystem Vivado IP Core can be found in the changelog.

It is important to note that the FrontPanel Vivado IP Core is currently in beta and offers a new streamlined approach for working with our FrontPanel HDL modules. However, manual instantiation and connection of our FrontPanel HDL modules provided in the FrontPanel SDK is still fully supported and has not been deprecated.

Additional features of the IP Core include seamless integration of both the synthesis and behavioral simulation cores into a single instantiation, facilitating rapid verification. It is also fully compatible with IPI Block Designer, enabling schematic-style digital design development. Furthermore, the IP Core incorporates embedded example designs that effectively highlight the various features offered by the IP Core.

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