This component provides an XML method to program the on-board PLL.  When provided with a “label” parameter, this component becomes a pushbutton on the panel GUI.  When that button is pressed, the PLL is configured with the given parameters.  This allows you to specify multiple PLL configuration and provide multiple buttons to access them without going through the PLL dialog.  A convenient tooltip lists the VCO and output frequencies for the configuration.

When the component does not have the “label” parameter, this configuration is loaded to the PLL when the profile is loaded.  It is not stored to EEPROM and the component does not create a GUI button.  The only way to reconfigure the PLL (even after a new FPGA configuration file is loaded) is to reload the profile.

Note that this element is ignored if the target device does not have a CY22393 PLL. The following devices have the CY22393:

  • XEM3010 (all variants)
  • XEM3050
  • XEM6010

Note that the convention here is to label PLLs and outputs as 0-indexed (0, 1, 2, …) rather than indexed from 1 as the Cypress documentation does.

positionPOSITIONPosition of the top left corner. (OPTIONAL)
sizeSIZESize in pixels. (OPTIONAL)
labelTEXTLabel text, shown inside the button. (OPTIONAL)
noneThis parameter has no content, but does have the following properties:

P – Specifies the P multiplier for the PLL. [6..2053]
Q – Specifies the Q divider for the PLL.  [2.257]

STRINGThis string is either “on” or “off” and turns the output on or off.The property “source” is a string that represents the source for the output:

“ref” – Use the reference (48 MHz).
“pll0_0” – PLL output 0 with 0º phase shift.
“pll0_180” – PLL output 0 with 180º phase shift.
“pll1_0” – PLL output 1 with 0º phase shift.
“pll1_180” – PLL output 1 with 180º phase shift.
“pll2_0” – PLL output 2 with 0º phase shift.
“pll2_180” – PLL output 2 with 180º phase shift.

The property “divider” specifies the integer divider for the output.

[1..127] for outputs 0..3; and
[2,3,4] for output 4.

XML Example

<object class="okPLL22393">
	<label>PLL1 Configuration</label>
	<pll0 p="400" q="48"/>
	<pll1 p="397" q="43"/>
	<output0 source="pll0_0" divider="8">on</output0>
	<output1 source="pll1_180" divider="16">on</output0>
</object>Code language: HTML, XML (xml)