The JavaScript CameraApp (CameraApp-JS) is currently released as a Beta feature. While it is considered feature complete and functional, you may experience occasional glitches or bugs. Please share your experience via [email protected]

CameraApp-JS requires an FPoIP server with a minimum protocol version of 18, supplied with FrontPanel 5.2.1 and later.

Release version

A pre-built version of the EVB100X web application is provided with the free EVB100X Release bundle. The pre-built web application consists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other assets required to complete the web application in a machine friendly format. The application can either be used locally on a single machine by opening the index.html file in a browser or served by any static hosting service that supports serving these assets.

The EVB100X web application may also be loaded by connecting to This is an Opal Kelly-hosted version of the same assets included in the EVB100X Release bundle.

Developer version

All source code used to create the EVB100X web application is provided with the EVB100X Developer bundle. The source code for this application is written in TypeScript, a JavaScript superset with a static typing. The project uses NPM to manage dependencies. Please refer to the file in the Software\Web directory for more information on building, running, and debugging this design.