The SZG-DAC-AD911X is a dual 125 MSPS DAC module featuring the Analog Devices AD9116 TxDAC®. The module is an excellent choice for communication signal paths and general waveform synthesis applications.

In the default configuration, the SMA outputs are ac-coupled through a transformer. With some resistor changes (performed by the end user), a buffered output stage may be selected instead.


SYZYGY Information

Compatibility Table

Port typeSYZYGY Standard
5V supply requiredYes
Nominal 5V supply current200mA
Nominal 3.3V supply current10mA
VIO supply voltage1.8V to 3.3V
Nominal VIO supply current20mA
Total number of I/O17

DNA Data

This data is stored in the SYZYGY DNA microcontroller on the SZG-DAC-AD911X peripheral.

Max 5V Load200 mA
Max 3.3V Load10 mA
Max VIO Load20 mA
VIO Min1.8V
VIO Max3.3V


5 (S0)DAC DB0
6 (S1)DAC DB1
7 (S2)DAC DB2
8 (S3)DAC DB3
9 (S4)DAC DB4
10 (S5)DAC DB5
11 (S6)DAC DB6
12 (S7)DAC DB7
13 (S8)DAC DB8
14 (S9)DAC DB9
15 (S10)DAC DB10
16 (S11)DAC DB11
20 (S15)OPAMP_ENABLEAssert (1) to enable both DAC I and DAC Q outputs.
Deassert (0) to place both op-amps in power-down.
33 (P2C_CLKp)DAC DCLKIOOptional clock output (See schematics and DAC datasheet)
34 (C2P_CLKp)DAC CLKINInput clock to DAC through CLKIN level translator (U3)


The design of the SZG-DAC-AD911X has been heavily influenced by the evaluation board designed and produced by Analog Devices. You might find it interesting to note that we sell the SZG-DAC-AD911X for significantly less than Analog Devices sell their eval board through Digi-Key (AD9116-DPG2-EBZ-ND).

Analog Devices ADA4857

From the Analog Devices datasheet:

The AD9114/AD9115/AD9116/AD9117 are pin-compatible dual, 8-/10-/12-/14-bit, low power digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that provide a sample rate of 125 MSPS. These TxDAC® converters are optimized for the transmit signal path of communication systems. All the devices share the same interface, package, and pinout, providing an upward or downward component selection path based on performance, resolution, and cost.

The AD9114/AD9115/AD9116/AD9117 offer exceptional ac and dc performance and support update rates up to 125 MSPS.

The flexible power supply operating range of 1.8 V to 3.3 V and low power dissipation of the AD9114/AD9115/AD9116/AD9117 make them well suited for portable and low power applications.

Output Stage

By default, the SZG-DAC-AD911X is configured to provide single-ended, transformer-coupled outputs to SMA connectors J2 and J4. To use the buffered output stage instead, remove resistors R25, R27, R74, and R78, and place resistors R7, R13, R53, and R60.

The bias networks for doth output stages may be configured for specific applications. Refer to the documentation below.

Auxiliary Output

By default, the SZG-DAC-AD911X is configured to use the AD911X internal full-scale current adjust capability. In this configuration, the FSADJx/AUXx pins may be used as auxiliary DAC outputs. On the SZG-DAC-AD911X these outputs are provided on header J6. Refer to the documentation below for more information on using the auxiliary DAC outputs.

Clock Input

By default, the SZG-DAC-AD911X is configured to accept a single-ended CMOS clock over the C2P_CLKp connection from the carrier. In this configuration, the clock signal from the carrier is applied to the CLKIN and DCLKIO pins on the AD911x. If DCLKIO is configured as an output, remove R39 and place R34 — this connects DCLKIO to the P2C_CLKp pin for use on the carrier.

To apply an external clock source at J3, remove R39, R46, and R47. To apply the external clock to the DCLKIO pin, place R43. To connect the DCLKIO signal to the carrier at pin P2C_CLKp, place R34.

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