SYZYGY Resources

SYZYGY Specifications and License Information

To access the SYZYGY Specification, SYZYGY DNA Specification, and License Terms, visit

Carriers and Peripherals

A list of known (to us) carriers and peripherals supporting SYZYGY, visit:

To submit a new carrier or peripheral to be added to this list, please email us at [email protected].

Software and Gateware

A number of software and gateware resources are available on our GitHub site:

syzygy-toolsSource libraries to support carrier and peripheral manufacturers including:

  • SYZYGY DNA generation
  • SmartVIO / DNA parsing
pcb-templatesPCB templates in Altium Designer and KiCAD to standard and transceiver flavors of SYZYGY peripherals
avr-dna-fwFirmware sources for the Atmel ATTiny 44a used on peripherals to implement the SYZYGY carrier communication and DNA.
brain-toolsApplications supporting the Opal Kelly Brain-1
brain-sample-hdlHDL application samples for the Opal Kelly Brain-1
brain-fsContents of the home filesystem for the Opal Kelly Brain-1
xem7320-syzygy-samplesApplication samples for the Opal Kelly XEM7320
u-boot-syzygyA version of the U-Boot boot loader that includes support for SYZYGY peripheral discovery and initialization