Vivado Board File

A Vivado Board File is available for the ECM1900 with BRK1900 starting with Vivado version 2021.1 and later.

BRK1900 Board File

Version 1.1 currently provides the following components/features:

  • 4 GiB DDR4 memory
  • 8 LEDs
  • DDR4 reference clock
  • Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC IP Preset
  • SYZYGY Ports A-F companion card support

To add Companion Cards select “Connections” in the board selection menu and add the appropriate SYZYGY peripherals to the port of your choosing. See below for an example of this:


The SYZYGY Ports do not constrain the IOSTANDARD for the pins. This is done because VIO, which powers the bank, will change based on the SYZYGY peripheral attached or through setting it manually. You will need to constrain the IOSTANDARD through the top level .xdc constraints file or through the GUI to incorporate it into the timing analysis.

How-To Install

  1. Create a new project
  2. In the “Default Part” menu, select the “Boards” tab
  3. Fetch the latest available boards/versions from Xilinx’s Board Store Git repository by clicking the “Refresh” button
  4. Use the Vendor filter and select “”
  5. Install the “ECM1900-<Version> W/ BRK1900” board file by clicking the install icon in the “Status” column of the board listing
  6. Follow the same method to install the companion card board files you wish to use.

How-To apply Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC IP Preset

The Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC IP is used to configure the PS system. You’d then export this information to use within Petalinux or Vitis to develop your software component of your system. The provided board file has the presets we used to develop our provided Linux image created with Petalinux. To apply this preset:

  1. Create a Block Design
  2. Drop down a Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC IP
  3. Click “Run Block Automation”
  4. Ensure that “Apply Board Preset” is selected
  5. Click “OK”

Supported SYZYGY Companion Cards

The SYZYGY peripherals will support one of the SYZYGY port types (STD, TXR2, TXR4). You must ensure that you connect the companion card to the correct SYZYGY port type on your SYZYGY carrier board when you “Add Companion Card”. Xilinx doesn’t support these connector types yet, so we have added the types as a suffix to the display names on the ports available on your SYZYGY carrier board as well as to the display name for the SYZYGY companion cards to aid in matching types.

The BRK1900 Board File has both STD and TXR4 SYZYGY ports which support the following SYZYGY companion cards: