BRK1900 Breakout Board

Unlike our integration modules, reference designs and breakout boards are not intended for production integration. We reserve the right to change dimensions and functionality of this board at any time and may not necessarily have the previous version available for purchase.

Functional Block Diagram

Powering the BRK1900

The BRK1900B requires a clean, filtered, DC supply within the range of 6 V to 15 V. This supply may be delivered in one of two ways:

  1. 6-pin Mini-Fin connector – Pins 1, 2, and 3 are tied to the input supply net +VDCIN. Pins 4, 5, and 6 are tied to ground. The total maximum current allowed over this connector is 8 A. The part number is Molex 0455580003. The mating plug part number is Molex 0455590002. Several options for crimping pins are available, including Molex 0039000038. While it is possible to provide power using a commercial PC power supply with compatible pinout, it is recommended to create a custom cable harness for use with an appropriate bench supply.
  2. DC barrel jack  –  The jack is part number PJ-102AH from CUI, Inc.  It is a standard “canon-style” 2.1mm / 5.5mm jack.  The outer ring is connected to DGND.  The center pin is connected to +VDCIN.

Please refer to Powering the ECM1900 for information on the ECM1900 power systems.

SYZYGY Compatibility Table (PCB Revision Bxx)


Signal connectivity for the BRK1900 is included in the ECM1900 Pins Reference. Three columns have been added to this reference that refer to the BRK1900:

  • BRK1900 – This column indicates the corresponding connector reference designator and pin to which an ECM1900 signal is routed.
  • BRK1900 NET – This column provides the corresponding BRK1900 schematic net name.
  • BRK1900 SZG – This column provides corresponding SYZYGY port connections.

For additional information, please refer to the BRK1900 schematics available through Pins Downloads.

Mechanical Drawing