Vivado Board File

XEM8350 Integration Module Board Files

Board files are available for the following package/speed variants:

  • XEM8350-KU060
  • XEM8350-KU060-3E

Version 1.0 currently provides the following components/features:

  • FrontPanel Primary Interface
  • FrontPanel Secondary Interface
  • 8 LEDs
  • 36 Gibit DDR4 memory w/ MIG preset configuration
  • Si5338 I2C Configuration Interface
  • Si5338 CLK0 Default (XCVR RefClk0-B127 – 100MHz)
  • Si5338 CLK1 Default (XCVR RefClk0-B225 – 100MHz)
  • Si5338 CLK2 Default (DDR4 – 152.3MHz)
  • Si5338 CLK3 Default (Fabric – 200MHz)

How-To Install

Follow the appropriate installation instructions at Vivado Board Files.