Getting Started

For products such as the XEM8350 that are supported by the FrontPanel SDK, we have created a general Getting Started Guide which is applicable to multiple boards using the FrontPanel SDK. Listed below are a few device-specific comments that you should review before proceeding to that guide.

Vivado 2020.1 is unable to generate bit files for the XEM8350. It is recommended to use a newer version of Vivado. For more information, see the support page on this issue.

Before Running the Samples

For samples utilizing the onboard LEDs, VIO2 must be configured for them to function. The LEDs are connected to Bank 44, and their voltage is set by VIO2. To do this, change the VIO2 voltage to ‘180’ in device settings to enable the bank to operate at 1.8v. Refer to XEM8350 Device Settings and FrontPanel Device Setup for more details.