BRK8350MG Breakout Board

The BRK8350MG breakout board provides an easy connection to two of the high-density connectors on the XEM8350 by routing the FPGA I/O signals to multiple 2mm connectors. This breakout board is a simpler version of the BRK8350 which provides additional access to the transceiver I/O through multiple gigabit interfaces.

The BRK8350MG provides standard 2-mm thru-hole headers for connection to MC1 and MC2 on the XEM8350. These connectors include all of the non-transceiver I/O which is available on the module. The mezzanine connector which includes multi-gigabit transceivers (MC3) is not pinned out on the BRK8350MG.

The FPGA JTAG interface is accessible at connector J18. This header is compatible with the Xilinx JTAG cable. The reference voltage (VREF) is fixed at 1.8 V.

The BRK8350MG does not include any active circuitry by default, and no power supply is necessary.

The XEM8350 Pin List has connection information in the “BRK8350MG” column. Additionally, please refer to the schematics and layout available online for detailed connection diagrams.

Schematic and Design Files

The BRK8350MG schematics and design files are available in the Downloads section of the Pins website.

Mechanical Drawing

Jack Screw Standoffs

For instructions on using the Samtec jack screw standoffs, refer to Jack Screw Instructions.