Opal Kelly issues this PCN to existing customers of the listed product(s) to inform them of changes and/or updates that may affect current inventory or current and future applications of the product.

Issue Date

01 January 2021

Affected Parts

The following items are affected by this PCN:

  • XEM8350-KU060

Orders shipped prior to 01 January 2021 are affected by this PCN.All orders shipped on or after 01 January 2021 are not affected by this PCN.


The listed products were built with an incorrect voltage set resistor for the FPGA Vccint rail. The correct nominal voltage for this rail is 0.95V.  The affected parts have this nominal voltage set to 0.85V.

This reduced voltage is below the manufacturer’s recommended voltage range for this supply. To our knowledge, this does not cause harm to the device, but may cause the device to miss timing constraints at certain temperatures or otherwise miss performance specifications provided by Xilinx.


The issue resolution is to replace R182.

ReferenceIncorrect ComponentCorrect Component
R18213.0 kΩ, SM-04028.66 kΩ, SM-0402, 0.1%
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Manufacturer P/N: ERA-2AEB8661X
Opal Kelly P/N: 002038

Corrective Action

Opal Kelly offers two options for corrective action. Each customer may choose one option. Note that each option has a different deadline and response time.  Both options require that the customer send an email to [email protected]. Please see below for details.

Note that product outside of the warranty period is covered by both of these options.

Option 1 •• On-Site / Self Repair

Deadline: 2021-02-28
Leadtime: Approximately 5-10 days

Opal Kelly will provide replacement components for customers to apply on-site at their cost. Warranty coverage is not voided as long as this is done to IPC rework guidelines with appropriate handling, ESD protection, and technician training in place.

If you choose this option, we must receive your service request by 2021-02-28 to qualify for free shipment of the replacement component(s). After this date, this option may not be available or may require a nominal fee.

Option 2 •• Return Material Authorization

Deadline: 2021-01-15 (Opal Kelly must receive notification of this option)
Deadline: 2021-01-31 (Opal Kelly must receive product for rework)
Leadtime: Approximately 2-4 weeks

Opal Kelly will provide an RMA for return of material and will perform the component replacement based on the following schedule:

  1. We must receive your service request by 2021-01-15 if you plan to exercise this option. This option may or may not be available after this date and may require a nominal fee.
  2. We must receive all material from you by 2021-01-31.
  3. Repair will be completed by 2021-02-15 and will be shipped back to you.

Service Request

Please submit your request by the deadline to [email protected].  In your request, include the following:

  • Product name / model for which you are requesting service
  • Product serial number(s)
  • Your original order number, if available
  • Reference PCN-10079
  • Shipping address (no PO Box) for the return shipment