Getting Started

FrontPanel Reference Designs

Opal Kelly’s FrontPanel SDK provides a high-speed USB 3.0 link between the FPGA on the XEM8370 and your software. Several reference designs are included as part of the FrontPanel SDK and are not specific to the XEM8370. These examples can be found in the FrontPanel Getting Started Guide and provide useful references for the fundamental functionalities of the FrontPanel framework. See the Samples and Tools page for a list of examples.

Sample bitfiles can be found on the pins download page and the sample sources are included with FrontPanel in the Samples Directory.

Constraints Generation

When you’re ready to build your own FrontPanel-based gateware, we provide XDC constraint files from the Pins reference for the XEM8370. Simply click Export > Generate Constraints File and apply these constraints to your logic design.

For additional information on using Pins, refer to the Pins Documentation.