Jack Screw Instructions

The XEM8370 uses three high-density Samtec connectors to provide access to hundreds signals on the module. These are precision connectors and may have a high insertion / removal force. To prevent damage to the module, PCB, connectors, and other components on the board, it is important to mate and un-mate the module from the base board carefully.

The BRK8370 includes a set of Samtec JSO Jack Screw standoffs to aid in assembly and disassembly of the XEM8370 to the BRK8370. We recommend similar mechanical design for any board that mates to the XEM8370.

Assembly Process

Assemble the jack screw.

The bottom piece of the jack screw is pre-mounted on the peripheral board, such as the BRK8370.

Screw the top piece of the jack screw into the bottom piece of the jack screw until finger-tight.

Align the connectors.

Align the mezzanine connectors on the module board with the mating connectors on the breakout board.

Do not press them together yet.

Insert the screw and washer into the jack screw and tighten until finger-tight.

Secure all hardware.

Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws in a “round-robin” manner: sequentially tighten each screw by approximately one-half turn until all screws are tight. Do not over-tighten.

Disassembly Process

Remove mounting screws

Loosen and remove all screws and washers.

Separate the boards

Use a 4mm hex wrench to extend the jack screws in a “round-robin” manner: sequentially loosen each standoff top piece by approximately one-half turn until the mezzanine connectors have separated.