An active (fan-based) heatsink is available as an add on to install on the FPGA for cooling. The fan enable and temperature threshold can be controlled over the FrontPanel API. See the Device Settings documentation for more information.

The fansink is Radian part number FA35+K52B+T725

The fansink has a nominal operating voltage of 12 V and a recommended operating range of 10.8 V to 13.2 V. The fansink is powered directly by the external power supply connected to the XEM8370. It is recommended to keep the external supply voltage within this range whenever the fansink is enabled.

FanSink Installation

Care must be taken while installing the XEM8370 fansink. Be careful to avoid putting pressure on the components near to the FPGA during install.

Place FanSink ONLY in this orientation.
The long edges of the FanSink plastic clip have hooks that will clip on under the FPGA
Lower indicated edge and clip onto FPGA
Check clearance and be careful to avoid the nearby components
Gently press on the hooked side of the plastic clip to push the opposite clip over the opposite top edge of the FPGA
With the clip is over the top edge of the FPGA gently press down to secure the clip under the FPGA. Only minimal force is required.
Check clearance and be careful to avoid the nearby components
Wrap the fan power cord around the fan and connect it to the XEM8370 fan header