Host InterfaceUSB 3.0 Type-C
FrontPanel Support
FPGA Memory1 GiByte DDR4 (16-bit wide data interface)
NV Memory (System)16 MiB SPI Flash
NV Memory32 MiB QSPI FPGA Flash (supports FPGA gateware boot)
Clocks100 MHz, 100 MHz, and 125 MHz fixed oscillators
FPGA I/O104 HP I/O (Banks 66, 67)
68 HD I/O (Banks 84, 86, 87)
FPGA MGT11 GTY transceivers (16.375 Gb/s)
Dimensions170mm x 97mm (6.69″ x 3.82″)
DC Input+8.0+14.0VDC
DC Input Ripple50mVp-p
Operating Temperature0+70ºC
Storage Temperature-500+100ºC
Oscillator Frequency (FPGA Fabric)100 MHz
Oscillator Frequency (DDR4)100MHz
Oscillator Frequency (Transceivers)125MHz

PCB Footprint

The XEM8320 PCB is 170mm x 97mm (6.69″ x 3.82″) with four mounting holes placed at the corners. These mounting holes are electrically isolated from all signals on the XEM8320. Six high-density SYZYGY connectors are located along the two long edges of the PCB. Power, USB Type C, and SFP cages are located long the two short edges of the PCB. Six SMA connectors are a JTAG connector are available and configured for vertical launch connections.


Electrical schematics are provided in redacted form through Pins Downloads. The FrontPanel SDK and related design details are proprietary and confidential. Schematics related to the implementation have been removed and are unavailable.

Visit Pins Downloads > Design Schematics and Artwork > XEM8320-AU25P-REV-Schematic.pdf

Mechanical Drawing

The mechanical drawing below may be used for enclosure or mounting hardware design. 3D Models are also available in SolidWorks, STEP, and IGES formats. Please note that the XEM8320 is a development platform and not intended for production deployment and is subject to change without notice. For a lifecycle-managed module, please see the companion XEM8310-AU25P module.

SYZYGY Expansion

The XEM8320 supports both SYZYGY Standard and SYZYGY Transceiver (TXR4) peripherals for expansion. For more information, visit syzygyfpga.io and the SYZYGY Expansion section of these pages.