Opal Kelly issues this PCN to existing customers of the listed product(s) to inform them of changes and/or updates that may affect current inventory or current and future applications of the product.

Issue Date

30 September 2022

Affected Parts

The following items are affected by this PCN:

  • XEM8320-AU25P

PCB revisions CXX and later are affected by this PCN. Revisions BXX and earlier are not affected by this change. The PCB revision is indicated in silkscreen in the location shown below.

Revisions BXX and earlier are not affected.

Revisions CXX and later are affected.

Reason for the Change

PCB revision BXX was built with an incorrect hole diameter for the SYZYGY port mounting holes. These are the holes on either side of the SYZYGY connector. The holes on the BXX PCB are 2.7mm diameter.  While not specified by the SYZYGY specification for carriers, the specified hole size for peripherals is 3.2mm.

The 2.7mm diameter holes on PCB BXX will fit M2.5 thread size. The 04-40 thread size will fit, but not freely – it will need to be screwed into the hole.

The 3.2mm diameter holes (SYZYGY specified) will fit M3.0 and 04-40 thread sizes which have outer diameters of 3.0mm and 2.85mm, respectively.

Description of the Change

The SYZYGY mounting holes on revision CXX have increased from 2.7mm diameter to 3.2mm diameter.