Product Lifecycle

Lifecycle Management Notice

The XEM8320-AU25P is not classified as an Opal Kelly FPGA integration module and is therefore not subject to the same lifecycle management policies. Changes to this product may occur over the lifespan of the device that affect backward compatibility.

For a lifecycle-managed integration module with the Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ FPGA, please see the XEM8310.

Firmware Version History

Please visit the FrontPanel Firmware page for firmware version information. Firmware updates are provided through the FrontPanel Application. Please see the Firmware Updates page for instructions on updating your device firmware. You will need to have a valid Pins registration and be approved for firmware downloads.

PCB Version History

XEM8320-AU25PBXXFirst production PCB

The PCB revision is identified in the board silkscreen.


PCB Revision BXX

SYZYGY Hole Diameter (Non-Critical)

PCB Revision BXX was built with an incorrect hole diameter for the SYZYGY port mounting holes. These are the holes on either side of the SYZYGY connector. The holes on the BXX PCB are 2.7mm diameter.  While not specified by the SYZYGY specification for carriers, the specified hole size for peripherals is 3.2mm.

The 2.7mm diameter holes on PCB BXX will fit M2.5 thread size. The 04-40 thread size will fit, but not freely – it will need to be screwed into the hole.

The 3.2mm diameter holes (SYZYGY specified) will fit M3.0 and 04-40 thread sizes which have outer diameters of 3.0mm and 2.85mm, respectively.

A change to the 3.2mm diameter hole size has been scheduled for CXX.