Product Lifecycle

Firmware Version History

Firmware updates are provided through the FrontPanel Application. Please see the Firmware Updates page for instructions on updating your device firmware. You will need to have a valid Pins registration and be approved for firmware downloads.

1.56ALLCorrected the assertion of the RESET signal and updated it to a BOARD_READY signal.
See the Host Interface page for more information.
1.43ALLAdded temperature based fan control
1.39ALLInitial firmware release

PCB Version History

XEM8310-AU25PAXXFirst production PCB

The PCB revision is identified in the board silkscreen.

Product Change Notifications

Product Change Notifications (PCN) are issued if a change to the product results in a change of mechanical or electrical behavior or reliability.

  • PCN-10166 – Place a resistor to support internal voltage reference usage on Bank 64.
    Issue Date: 2023-06-14