Opal Kelly issues this PCN to existing customers of the listed product(s) to inform them of changes and/or updates that may affect current inventory or current and future applications of the product.

Issue Date

17 May 2023

Affected Parts

The following items are affected by this PCN:

  1. BRK7360

PCB revisions BXX and later are affected by this PCN. Revisions 20151022 and earlier are not affected by this change. The PCB revision is indicated in silkscreen in the location shown below.

Revisions 20151022 and earlier are not affected.

Revisions BXX and later are affected.

Reason for the Change

SFP modules specify 3.3V level control signals. Some SFP control signals require 3.3V pull-up resistors on the host board. Bank 15 and Bank 16 I/O from the XEM7360 are used for the SFP control signals on the BRK7360. The I/O levels are for these banks are controlled by VADJ1. When VADJ1 is set to a voltage lower than 3.3V, these SFP control signal pull-up resistors can cause the VADJ1 voltage level to rise above the configured voltage.

Description of the Change

Level translation components were added between the Bank 15 and Bank 16 I/O and the SFP modules so that any VADJ1 voltage can be used to control the 3.3V SFP module control signals without effecting the configured voltage level of the I/O or the VADJ1 rail.