BRK7360 IBERT Performance

Unlike our integration modules, breakout boards are not intended for production integration. We reserve the right to change dimensions and functionality of this board at any time and may not necessarily have the previous version available for purchase.

Xilinx’s IBERT tool was used to create a measurement of each GTP channel’s eye diagram when using a loopback mode. Eye diagrams for each of the BRK7360 peripherals were captured using this tool with a simple loopback cable attached to each peripheral. While results may vary, these are typical captures and actually represent the worst case capture over all channels for each peripheral. Decreasing the serial transfer rate can improve the performance of each channel. Please see the Gigabit Transceivers page for IBERT diagrams of more direct loopback performance without these connectors. The IBERT settings used for these tests are the same as those used for the loopback tests on the Gigabit Transceivers page.

The following parts were used as loopback cables, etc.

SFP ModuleFinisar
U.FL Cable (200mm)Hirose Electric
P/N CS6467-08I

SFP – 3.3Gbps

A Finisar SFP module was inserted into each SFP port with a short length of fiber connecting the TX port of the Finisar module to the RX port in a loopback configuration. Due to the performance of the selected module only 3.3Gbps was used. The image below represents the worst of the scans from each SFP cage/connector. This worst case was captured with GTX 115 Ch 2.

U.FL – 8Gbps

200mm U.FL to U.FL cables were used to loop each GTX TX back to their respective RX connections. The image below represents the worst of the scans from each set of U.FL connectors. This worst case was captured with GTX115 Ch 1.

SMA – 8Gbps

6 inch SMA to SMA cables were used to connect the GTX 116 Ch 0 TXp/n and RXp/n together in a loopback configuration.

SATA – 8Gbps

Due to the configuration of the SATA ports on the BRK7360 a crossover SATA cable must be used to loop back the connection properly. In these tests an 8 inch crossover SATA cable was connected between the SATA ports in all three combinations (1<->2, 2<->3, and 1<->3). The scan below represents the worst result from each of these combinations. This worst case was captured between GTX116 Ch 2 TX and Ch 1 Rx.