Device Settings

The XEM7350 supports the FrontPanel Device Settings in the table below, accessible from the FrontPanel Application as well as the Device Settings API.

Note: All VADJ device settings require a power cycle to take effect.

FMC1_VADJ_VOLTAGEINT32Vadj output voltage specified in 10’s of mV. For example, “330” would set Vadj = 3.3v.

Valid settings are 330, 250, 180, 150, 125, 120, 0.
Rev FXX valid settings are 330, 300, 280, 260, 250, 220, 180, 150, 130, 125, 120, 0.

FMC1_VADJ_ENABLEINT32Vadj output enable: 0=disable, 1=enable

FMC1_VADJ_MODEINT32Vadj setting mode


1=IPMI setting only.  If a valid IPMI EEPROM is not found, Vadj is disabled.

2=IPMI with fallback.  If a valid IPMI EEPROM is not found, Vadj is set according to FMC1_VADJ_VOLTAGE.

3=IPMI ignore. IPMI settings are ignored and Vadj is set according to FMC1_VADJ_VOLTAGE.

FMC1_CONTROLINT32Write-only register that controls FMC1 signals during runtime.

[0] – TRST_L

DEFAULT: 0x00000001
FMC1_STATUSINT32Read-only register that contains the FMC1 signal status during runtime.

[0] – PRSNT_M2C_L

[1] – CLKDIR[2] – PG_M2C

[3] – POK_3P3

[4] – POK_VADJ

[6:5] – GA[0:1]
XEM7350_FAN_MODEINT320=Binary mode

1=Temperature controlled mode

XEM7350_FAN_ENABLEINT32In binary mode, 0=disable, 1=enable

FW 1.31 and before
INT32In temperature slope mode, the number here represents the lower threshold (in degrees Celsius) for temperature-dependent operation.

At THRESH, fan control PWM=0%.

At THRESH+16C, fan control PWM=50%.

At THRESH+32C, fan control PWM=100%.
FW 1.48+
INT32In temperature controlled mode, the number here represents the threshold (in degrees Celsius) for fan enable.

At THRESH, fan is enabled

At THRESH-10C, fan is disabled


FMC Device Settings

The XEM7350 has a single FMC port which is configured using the FMC1_* settings.  These settings are used to control FMC Vadj behavior as well as control and query FMC connector signals.

FMC1_CONTROL and FMC1_STATUS are volatile device settings that are never stored to nor retrieved from non-volatile storage on the device. Instead, they control and query signals on the connector in real time.

Fan Control Device Settings

You may optionally connect a fan to JP1 (Molex 53398-0271). This connector drives a signal to the fan according to the Device Settings. For most applications, we recommend binary operating mode and enabling the fan at all times. You may optionally configure a temperature control whereby the output is switched based on the measured temperature of the FPGA die.

Note: Make sure the input voltage is an appropriate value for the connected fan.

IPMI Controlled VADJ

The XEM7350 adjustable voltage rail can be configured automatically by the carrier board. This requires a compatible EEPROM to be included and programed on the carrier board. For more information see the IPMI EEPROM section of the Expansion Connectors page.