Migrating Hardware from the XEM7010

Expansion Connectors

The expansion connectors for both the XEM7010 and the XEM7310 are compatible with a few minor exceptions. There are a few I/O pins that use a fixed 3.3V bank I/O voltage on the XEM7010, that instead use a VCCO bank I/O voltage on the XEM7310. This could be an issue in a XEM7010 design that uses an external VCCO voltage different from 3.3V, but relies on those few signals being at a 3.3V level. See the I/O pins listed in the table below.

MC PinXEM7010 BankXEM7310 Bank
MC1-6316 (Fixed 3.3V)34 (VCCO_MC1)
MC1-6516 (Fixed 3.3V)34 (VCCO_MC1)
MC2-6316 (Fixed 3.3V)35 (VCCO_MC2)
MC2-6516 (Fixed 3.3V)35 (VCCO_MC2)

Clock Oscillator

Both the XEM7010 and the XEM7310 provide an on board 200Mhz oscillator. The FPGA bank and I/O pins connected to this oscillator change between the two boards.

BoardClock PClock NBank

SDRAM Memory

The XEM7310 has double the on board DDR memory at 1GiByte, as well as double the memory interface width at 32-bits. Connection details can be found on the DDR3 Memory page.

FrontPanel SDK (USB 2 to USB 3)

There are a number of differences between the FrontPanel HDL supporting USB 2.0 devices (such as the XEM7010) and the FrontPanel HDL supporting USB 3.0 devices (such as the XEM7310). Please refer to the respective sections in our FrontPanel SDK documentation for more information.