SPI Flash

The SPI flash on the module is a Numonyx M25P32-VME6G or equivalent.  It can be programmed (using the FlashLoader sample) with an FPGA configuration bitfile to configure the FPGA on boot.  To boot the FPGA from flash, the switch JP5 must be slid to the “PROM” position.  To boot the FPGA using FrontPanel, the switch must be slid to the “USB” position.  In both cases, FrontPanel communication is available after configuration completes.


Due to the boot options for the XEM7001 (USB boot or SPI boot), the SPI flash is not permanently connected to the FPGA configuration pins. This means that the Flash may not be programmed through the Xilinx SPI Programming Tools. You will need to use FrontPanel or the FlashLoader sample to program the Flash.

FlashLoader Sample

The FlashLoader sample is installed with your FrontPanel installation.  It is a simple command-line utility that you can use to program the SPI flash with an FPGA configuration file.  Please see the Samples directory for more information.

You can also load a configuration file to the Flash using your own HDL, of course.  There is nothing special about the way our FlashLoader sample loads the configuration file into the Flash.