The XEM7001 is a small, business-card sized FPGA board featuring the Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA. Designed as a bare-bones system, the XEM7001 is an excellent experimenting or prototyping system which provides access to nearly all I/O pins on the 256-pin Artix-7 device.

The USB 2.0 interface provides fast downloads and easy access with FrontPanel software. An on-board PLL provides flexible clock generation for a variety of applications and on-board pushbuttons and LEDs allow simple user interfacing when FrontPanel components don’t suit the purpose. Dozens of pins at 0.1” spacing are provided and easily fit onto a standard prototyping board with 0.1” hole spacing.

Documentation and Reference Materials

The following is a comprehensive list of documentation available for this device.

XEM7001 User’s ManualThis online documentation space.
XEM7001 Pins ReferenceThe interactive Pins reference for the device provides detailed pinout
information as well as automated constraint file generation. Export
functionality is provided to PDF, CSV. Constraint files are provided
for UCF, XDC (Xilinx) and QSF, SDF (Altera).
FrontPanel SDK User’s ManualThe online documentation space for the FrontPanel SDK.
FrontPanel API ReferenceOnline API reference with detailed usage for every API method.


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