Migrating Hardware from the XEM6001

The XEM7001 was designed to be as compatible as possible with our XEM6001 in order to facilitate customer design migration with minimal changes.  The physical dimensions and expansion connector locations are identical.  The differences between these two products are highlighted below.

Note that this migration guide does not discuss differences between the Spartan-6 and Artix-7 FPGA architectures, features, capabilities, or limitations. Please consult the Xilinx documentation for more information.

Expansion Connector Differences

  • FPGA pin connections have been preserved. In other words, any FPGA I/O pin on the expansion connectors on the XEM6001 is also an FPGA I/O pin on the XEM7001.
  • The VCCIO requirements for various I/O standards (including LVDS) have changed from the Spartan 6 to the Artix 7, please refer to the Xilinx documentation for more details.