Powering the Brain-1

The Brain-1 requires a clean, filtered, DC supply within the range of 4.5 V to 18 V.  This supply must be delivered through the DC power connector (J11).

The Brain-1 power distribution system includes several supplies designed to provide suitable, efficient power for several systems and modules. Please consult the Brain-1 schematics for detailed information on the power distribution system.

Supply Heat Dissipation (IMPORTANT!!)

Due to the limited area available on the small form-factor of the Brain-1 and the density of logic provided, heat dissipation may be a concern.  This depends entirely on the end application and cannot be predicted in advance.  Heat sinks may be required on any of the devices on the Brain-1.  Of primary focus should be the FPGA (U2) and SDRAM (U14, U15).  Although the switching supplies are high-efficiency, they are very compact and consume a small amount of PCB area for the current they can provide.

If you plan to put the Brain-1 in an enclosure, be sure to consider heat dissipation in your design.