Software and Gateware

A number of software and gateware resources are available on our GitHub site:

syzygy-toolsSource libraries to support carrier and peripheral manufacturers including:

  • SYZYGY DNA generation
  • SmartVIO / DNA parsing
pcb-templatesPCB templates in Altium Designer and KiCAD to standard and transceiver flavors of SYZYGY peripherals
avr-dna-fwFirmware sources for the Atmel ATTiny 44A used on peripherals to implement the SYZYGY carrier communication and DNA
brain-toolsApplications supporting the Opal Kelly Brain-1
brain-sample-hdlHDL application samples for the Opal Kelly Brain-1
brain-fsContents of the home filesystem for the Opal Kelly Brain-1
Example ProjectsApplication samples SYZYGY peripherals
u-boot-syzygyA version of the U-Boot boot loader that includes support for SYZYGY peripheral discovery and initialization

Links & References

SYZYGY specification and license agreement

Github repository
HDL and software samples, DNA reference firmware, PCB templates, design tools

Opal Kelly SYZYGY peripheral schematics, bills of material, and component information

Opal Kelly SYZYGY peripheral documentation portal

XEM8320 documentation portal
Opal Kelly SYZYGY carrier with FrontPanel® support

XEM7320 documentation portal
Opal Kelly SYZYGY carrier with FrontPanel® support

Brain-1 documentation portal
Opal Kelly SYZYGY carrier