In this section of our Documentation Portal, we offer some more in-depth articles related to FPGA development using our off-the-shelf FPGA modules and the FrontPanel SDK.

Whitepaper: Building Semiconductor and Sensor Evaluation Platforms

Hounded by ever-shorter design cycles, ever-smaller development budgets, and the relentless march of technology, design engineers often look to evaluation boards to guide their component selection, for application guidance, and for proven design examples.  The challenge for semiconductor or sensor companies is how to deliver a useful and affordable evaluation solution that also effectively demonstrates the unique capabilities of the underlying technology.  Ideally, the design and development of such an evaluation solution could be leveraged and re-used across multiple platforms, markets, and application spaces.

Whitepaper: Pre-Compliance EMC Testing with Opal Kelly FPGA Development Modules

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an important consideration for any designer working on a product that is intended for release to customers as all major geographical markets have regulations governing the sale of products that have the potential to generate electromagnetic interference (EMI) or be affected by it.

This paper provides an overview of some of the factors that affect EMC as well as some background information on some of the regulatory certifications that may be applicable to systems that incorporate Opal Kelly FPGA integration modules.

This paper also presents the results of a “pre-scan” test of Opal Kelly’s XEM7310 and XEM7350 modules using a few different configuration scenarios. While pre-scan measurements such as these are generally not considered a thorough EMC evaluation for certification purposes, they can be helpful to understand some baseline expectations prior to a full test scan.