The FOMD-ACV-A4 is a compact edge-card style FPGA-on-Module (FoM) device featuring the Altera Cyclone V E FPGA in a SODIMM-style footprint. The module is compatible with standard 204-pin DDR3 SODIMM sockets for low-cost, removable, easy integration into a system board. The edge connector provides access to the FPGA’s JTAG interface, configuration interface, and 144 I/Os. The module also includes on-board SPI Flash memory, DDR3 SDRAM, and a 100 MHz clock source. Three on-board switching power supplies provide efficient step-down from as low as +2.8 VDC and up to +5.5 VDC system input making the module suitable for use in battery powered systems. A small I2C EEPROM is accessible from the system board via the edge card.

PCB Form Factor

mechanical drawing of the FOMD-ACV is available in PDF and image formats. The PCB is 67.6 x 36mm with two mounting holes (2.7mm hole size) spaced as shown in the figure.  These mounting holes are electrically isolated from all signals on the FOMD-ACV. The PCB is designed to fit a standard 204-pin DDR3 SODIMM socket, including retention clips.

Functional Block Diagram


The FOMD-ACV-A4 contains a single Altera Cyclone V E FPGA with the specifications shown below. For more information about this device, consult the Altera Cyclone V documentation.

M10K RAM3,080 Kib
18×18 Multipliers132

Power Supply

The FOMD-ACV is designed to be operated from a single +2.8-volt to +5.5-volt power source supplied through the edge connector to the device. This provides power for the three high-efficiency switching regulators on-board to provide DC voltages for various components on the device. Two “I/O Voltage Triples” must also be provided by the host to set the I/O bank voltages for the FPGA.

On-board Peripherals

The FOMD-ACV is designed to compactly support a large number of applications with a small number of on-board peripherals.  These peripherals are listed below.

FrontPanel Support

The FOMD-ACV is not supported by Opal Kelly’s FrontPanel SDK. The FOMD is an FPGA-on-Module device and cannot take advantage of the advanced connectivity offered by FrontPanel devices.