The FOMD-ACV is a small, FPGA-on-Module (FOM) device based on the Altera Cyclone V E FPGA. The module fits standard SODIMM socket.

It should go without saying, but the FOMD-ACV is not intended to be used in computers with SODIMM sockets. The pinout is not compatible with memory SODIMMs.

Documentation and Reference Materials

The following is a comprehensive list of documentation available for this device.

FOMD-ACV User’s ManualThis online documentation space.
FOMD-ACV-A4 Pins ReferenceThe interactive Pins reference for the device provides detailed pinout
information as well as automated constraint file generation. Export
functionality is provided to PDF, CSV. Constraint files are provided
for UCF, XDC (Xilinx) and QSF, SDF (Altera).


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