Opal Kelly issues this PCN to existing customers of the listed product(s) to inform them of changes and/or updates that may affect current inventory or current and future applications of the product.

Issue Date

31 March 2022

Affected Parts

The following items are affected by this PCN:

  • XEM7010-A50
  • XEM7010-A50I
  • XEM7010-A200

PCB revisions EXX and later are affected by this PCN. Revisions CXX and earlier are not affected by this change. The PCB revision is indicated in silkscreen in the location shown below

Revisions CXX and earlier are not affected.

Revisions EXX and later are affected.

Reason for the Change

The Intel Enpirion family of power modules has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Enpirion regulators are used on the XEM7010 to generate the on-board 1.0V, 1.8V, 1.5V, and 3.3V supplies. Opal Kelly has identified suitable replacement parts for these supplies.

Description of the Change

The Enpirion devices on the XEM7010 are being replaced as described in the table below.

ReferenceVoltageApplicationOriginal P/nReplacement P/N
U101.0 VFPGA VCCINT and VCCBRAM supplyIntel EN5337QIMPS MP2316GD-P
U111.8 VFPGA VCCAUX and VCCADC supplyIntel EP53F8QIMicrochip MIC23153YMT
U131.5 VDDR3, FPGA VCCO supplyIntel EP53F8QIMicrochip MIC23153YMT
U143.3 VHost interface, FPGA VCCO supplyIntel EP53F8QIMicrochip MIC23153YMT