BRK7010 Breakout Board

Important Lifecycle Information

Unlike our integration modules, breakout boards are not intended for production integration. We reserve the right to change dimensions and functionality of this board at any time and may not necessarily have the previous version available for purchase.

The BRK7010 is a simple two-layer “breakout board” which can be used to evaluate or transition to the XEM7010. It provides standard 2-mm thru-hole connections to the 0.8-mm high-density connectors on the XEM7010 and a DC power connector (2.1mm / 5.5mm, center positive) for providing +5VDC to the XEM7010.

Please visit the Pins reference for the XEM7010 for pin mapping details. Full Altium schematics and PCB layout are available through Pins Downloads.

Voltage Rail Test Points

The BRK7010 provides large test points for easy probing of the XEM7010 voltage rails.

Use the large provided test points to measure voltage rails instead of the small 2mm headers. The close proximity of the small header pins can lead to power rail shorts, and board damage, when probed.

JTAG Operation

The BRK7010 passes the JTAG interface from the expansion connectors on the XEM7010 to a connector compatible with the JTAG adapter. The reference voltage of this interface needs to be compatible with the XEM7010. Selection of this is done using a shunt on JP1 according to the table below.

XEM70103.3 VPins 2 – 3
XEM73101.8 VPins 1 – 2

Mechanical Drawing