The SZG-BRK-STD is a SYZYGY Standard peripheral intended to be used during early prototype development or experimentation to provide access to the high density SYZYGY ports.


SYZYGY Information

Compatibility Table

Compatibility ParameterSpecification
Port typeSYZYGY Standard
5V supply requiredNo
Nominal 5V supply currentN/A
Nominal 3.3V supply currentN/A
VIO supply voltage1.2V to 3.3V
Nominal VIO supply current< 100mA
Total number of I/OUp to 28

DNA Data

This data is stored in the SYZYGY DNA microcontroller on the SZG-BRK-STD peripheral.

DNA ParameterData
Max 5V Load0 mA
Max 3.3V Load10 mA
Max VIO Load0 mA
VIO Min1.2V
VIO Max3.3V