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The SZG-BRK-TXR is a SYZYGY Transceiver peripheral intended to be used during early prototype development or experimentation to provide access to the high density SYZYGY ports.

Standard I/O and clocks are pinned out to a 2mm header.

Transceiver pairs are differentially routed on-board and pinned out to paired U.FL connectors at the perimeter.



SYZYGY Information

Compatibility Table

Compatibility ParameterSpecification
Port typeSYZYGY Transceiver
5V supply requiredNo
Nominal 5V supply currentN/A
Nominal 3.3V supply currentN/A
VIO supply voltage1.2V to 3.3V
Nominal VIO supply current< 100mA
Total number of I/OUp to 18

DNA Data

This data is stored in the SYZYGY DNA microcontroller on the SZG-PMOD peripheral.

DNA ParameterData
Max 5V Load0 mA
Max 3.3V Load1000 mA
Max VIO Load0 mA
VIO Min1.2V
VIO Max3.3V
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