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A SYZYGY Standard peripheral with the following features and specifications...

  • ON Semiconductor AR0330 1/3-inch CMOS digital image sensor
  • 3.4 Mpixel up to 60 fps
  • 196 Mp/s readout via 4-lane HiSPi
  • RGB Bayer color filter array
  • ERS (rolling shutter) and GRR (snap-shot) modes


SYZYGY Information

Compatibility Table

Compatibility ParameterSpecification
Port typeSYZYGY Standard
5V supply requiredYes
Nominal 5V supply current< 10mA
Nominal 3.3V supply current510mA
VIO supply voltage1.8V to 3.3V
Nominal VIO supply current50mA
Total number of I/O23
Number of differential I/O pairs4

DNA Data

This data is stored in the SYZYGY DNA microcontroller on the SZG-CAMERA peripheral.

DNA ParameterData
Max 5V Load0 mA
Max 3.3V Load510 mA
Max VIO Load50 mA
VIO Min1.8V
VIO Max3.3V


SYZYGY (J1)ConnectionNote
5 (D0P)SLVS0_P
7 (D0N)SLVS0_N
9 (D2P)SLVS1_P
11 (D2N)SLVS1_N
13 (D4P)SLVS2_P
15 (D4N)SLVS2_N
14 (S9)FOCUS_SDAFor use with an optional Autofocus Lens mount.
16 (S11)FOCUS_SCLFor use with an optional Autofocus Lens mount.
17 (D6P)SLVS3_P
19 (D6N)SLVS3_N
18 (S13)FOCUS_SDIFor use with an optional Autofocus Lens mount.
20 (S15)


For use with an optional Autofocus Lens mount.
21 (S16)


22 (S17)FOCUS_SCKFor use with an optional Autofocus Lens mount.
23 (S18)SCLK
24 (S19)FOCUS_SS_BFor use with an optional Autofocus Lens mount.
25 (S20)SADDR
26 (S21)FOCUS_RST_BFor use with an optional Autofocus Lens mount.
27 (S22)PGOOD


The SZG-CAMERA module includes a high performance AR0330 image sensor, along with the lens and mount necessary to begin taking images. On-board regulators provide power rails necessary to run the camera and level translation is provided to maximize the available VIO range.

Power Supply

The SZG-CAMERA's DNA is configured to allow a SmartVIO range of 1.8v to 3.3v.  Level translation is present on-board to convert the VIO voltage at the SYZYGY port to the 1.8v used by the image sensor.

Two linear regulators are present on the SZG-CAMERA, one at 1.8v and one at 2.8v.  The 2.8v is required for the pixel array.

FPGA Interface

Pixel information from the image sensor is communicated back to the carrier through a HiSPi interface. Configuration of the image sensor is accomplished through a series of registers programmed through an I2C connection. A series of single ended LVCMOS signals are also used to communicate with the sensor. Level translation is included for the I2C and LVCMOS signals, allowing the SZG-CAMERA peripheral to operate across a wide range of VIO voltages.


The HiSPi interface consists of 4 differential pair data lines and a clock. The HiSPi data and clock lines use an SLVS/HiVCM voltage standard that is LVDS compatible. All HiSPi signals are output from the image sensor to the FPGA, internal termination must be used on the FPGA to ensure signal integrity.

Register Settings

The following I2C register settings (set in order) will setup the image sensor with a set of default settings that will work for most environments. More information on each register itself can be found in the image sensor documentation.

Camera RegisterValue

Mechanical Information

Lens and Lens Holder (included with SZG-CAMERA)

A high-quality glass lens, plastic lens holder, and mounting hardware are included with the EVB1005.  The part and supplier information is listed below.  Sunex also has a higher-quality lens available with better optics, the DSL944.

CMT821Lens HolderSunex (
DSL853C-650Glass LensSunex (
92005A006Screw M1.6, 8mm, pan-headMcMaster-Carr
90591A109Hex nut, M1.6, 0.35mmMcMaster-Carr

Autofocus Lens Mount (optional accessory)

The SZG-CAMERA is designed to be compatible with the M3-F series of autofocus lens mounts from New Scale Tech. Level translation is provided for the SPI and 2-wire interfaces on the autofocus lens mount to translate from the VIO voltage of the carrier to 3.3V I/O required by the autofocus lens mount.

Note that none of the components related to the Autofocus module are placed by default on boards sold by Opal Kelly Inc.

Additional Documentation

AR0330 Datasheet

SZG-CAMERA HDL for Brain-1

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