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SZG-ADC-LTC22264Standard40 MSPS, 12-bit dual ADC based on the Linear Technologies LTC2264
SZG-BRK-STDStandardBreakout module for SYZYGY Standard ports
SZG-BRK-TXRTransceiverBreakout module for SYZYGY Transceiver ports
SZG-CAMERA  Standard3.4 Mpixel image sensor based on the ON Semiconductor AR0330
SZG-DAC-AD9116Standard125 MSPS, 12-bit dual DAC based on the Analog Devices AD9116
SZG-DUALSFPTransceiverExpansion peripheral to dual SFP+ cage
SZG-PMOD4StandardExpansion peripheral to 4x Digilent™ PMODs
SZG-SENSORStandardAll-in-one, multi-module sending peripheral
SZG-TST-STDStandardContinuity test device for SYZYGY Standard ports
SZG-TST-TXRTransceiverContinuity test device for SYZYGY Transceiver ports
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